Purge Prevention!

By now you've probably already heard about LJ's plan to purge LJs and communities that haven't had any activity in the last 24 months. This community is host to so may wonderful works -- it would be a shame to lose them! This post will keep the community alive another 24 months, but if you have fic here you link to, you may wish to post them to a more stable archive and link to them there. In the meantime, stick around for awhile! Take a look at past posts, read the fics, leave comments. Everyone likes a trip down memory lane once in awhile. :-)
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MOD POST: tenifriends Reveals!

Congratulations, everyone! You've done a fantastic job this year. Curious about who wrote for you? Check out the reveals!.

We had a small group this year, but for the size, I'd say we were successful. So go back and check out the fic you missed reading, and please comment.

Now that the reveals have been posted, feel free to post your fic or art wherever you like. Thanks for being a terrific group and if we run again next year, I hope to see you all then!
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Mod Post: Tenifriends 2008 Entry Round-up and Guess the Author/Artist Post

Hello all! We've had another successful year with lots of wonderful fic and art. I'll post the list right here so you can all catch up and make your guesses as to who created which piece. I'll update this post in six days with the names of the authors and artists, then announce the reveal. You have one week from yesterday to make your guesses!

tenifriends 2008 Fic

medieval128 did "Quid Fit, friend?" for plural_force
wiccanlilly did "If You Can't" for medieval128
nimori did "About Life and Stuff" for dhorz
dhorz did "Burger Shop Encounters" for The tenifriends Community
gottis_chan did "New Start" for moehoshi
thephoenixboy did "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" for haruyuki
lilacfield did "The Last Word" for The tenifriends Community
haruyuki did "Dash of Color" for thephoenixboy
wiccanlilly did "True Power" for lilacfield
venivincere did "Buchou Gets Careless" for nimori

tenifriends 2008 Art

crocoduck did "Cooking with the Tachibanas" for wiccanlilly
plural_force did "Lazy Days" for The tenifriends Community
moehoshi did "Daijoubu!" for gottis_chan
nimori did "Analysis of the Soporific Effects of Hot Chocolate" for crocoduck

Now that the authors have been revealed, please feel free to post the fic or art you did for this fest anywhere you want. We had terrific entries this year -- thank you all so much for your hard work!


To nimori from Your Tenifriend

Title: Buchou Gets Careless
Rating: PG
Characters: Tezuka, Echizen, Sanada, Atobe, Kirihara
Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the Prince of Tennis franchise and I am not making any money from this fic.
Summary: One day, buchou gets careless.
A/N: AU only because no one said it didn't happen (even though it could have). nimori, I really hope this hits the spot.

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To meganezilla from Your Tenifriend

Title: Analysis of the Soporific Effects of Hot Chocolate
Characters: Akutsu, Kawamura, Inui, Tezuka, Mizuki, Atsushi
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Konomi Takeshi.
Media: Pencil crayon and Photoshop.
A/N: Thank you, secret art beta! I hope you like it, crocoduck. I tried to fit as many of your requests in as I could.

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To array_of_colors from Your Tenifriend

Title: True Power
Characters: Momoshiro Takeshi and Kawamura Takashi
Rating: G
Summary: Where power comes from and how two different people find their power to be so similar.
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Disclaimer: These characters aren’t mine. I’m just having fun with them, then putting them back right where I found them.
A/N: Well, I write these characters so rarely. I hope they’re IC and that the fic is to your liking! And a thanks to my lovely beta, too!

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MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Posting resumes tomorrow

Due to the untimely arrival home of Your Mod from work this evening (OMG don't ask thank god it's done), tenifriends posting will resume tomorrow afternoon after I have come back to life. It just wouldn't be fair to the writer/artist or recipient to post this late at night. Thanks, and see you tomorrow! In the meantime, please catch up with any stories or art you may have missed. We've got some wonderful friendship stories and art this year.
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To gottis_chan from Your Tenifriend

Title: Daijoubu!
Characters: Fuji and Eiji
Rating: G
Summary: A true friend sticks with you through thick and thin no matter what.
Warnings: Lame background. XD
Disclaimer: I do not own PoT but I own the color pencils used in this art.
A/N: 7 year old Kikumaru and Fuji. This was suppose to be a mini doujin but due to several..um, reasons, I only came up with this. I had a bit of a problem regarding the prompt because my imagination did not work properly. Stupid brain. D: Anyway, I hope you'll still like it. <3

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